John Milton

Malkavian investigator


Name: J. Milton Player: Jason
Nature: Survivor Demeanour: Judge/Conformist/Bravo
Generation: 9th Sire: ?
Chronicle: Clan: Malkavian

Strength 2 Charisma 3 Perception 4 (Careful)
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3
Stamina 2 Appearance 2 Wits 4 (Changes in Strategy)

Alertness 5 (Eavesdrop) Etiquette 1 Investigation 5 (Forensics)
Brawl 2 Firearms 2 Law 1
Dodge 2 Melee 2 Politics 1
Empathy 3 Performance 2 Science 2
Streetwise 2 Security 1
Subterfuge 3 Stealth 4 (Hiding)

Generation 4 Conscience 3 Auspex 4
Resources 3 Self-Control 5 Dementation 3
Status – Camarilla 2 Courage 4 Dominate 1
Obfuscate 5
Path of Humanity: 6 Willpower: 9

Efficient Digestion - Drink 2, get 3
Immaculate Aura - Madness doesn’t show in aura
Danger Sense - Danger sense
Silence - -2 difficulty on stealth rolls

Infertile Vitae - Can’t sire childer
Known to be Dead - Registered as dead

1pt Bound to Jeremiah Gordon, Ventrue Prince of Biloxi, Mississippi, USA

Derangement: Multiple Personality Disorder

Characterised by the 3 virtues, and answering to variations on the same name.

1)      Johnathon (Self-Control) – Primary personality. Investigative, cautious, vigilant. Stickler for rules and procedure, and doing his job.
2)      John (Conscience) – Original personality. More humane and concerned, but afraid of dying. Tries to be useful to give life meaning, and to keep safe from others.
3)      Johnny (Courage) – Secondary personality. Angry, stressed and spiteful. Grudge-bearing, and will strike out at immediate threats and solutions. Implacable.


Grew up in Washington DC. Happy family life, only child. Father in the military, working in the Pentagon. Studied hard and became forensics investigator for police department (occasionally helping out the FBI where jurisdiction required). While investigating scene of a robbery, criminals returned to pick up stuff and took him hostage. Sire was amongst the criminals. Was ‘killed’ in action while trying to resist hostage takers. Sire had been torturing & tormenting him trying to provoke MPD, as he had theory that it made you more efficient. Used contacts to claim on his own life insurance policy. Sire stayed with him and trained him, but wouldn’t give name or details and kept him fairly ignorant before leaving abruptly one day without any warning. Managed to get by with Washington vampire society by cleaning up after they’d killed, and traded favours until he was working with the Prince. After successful mission routing out and disrupting an Anarch cell, he was brought to the attention of Cock Robin, the Nosferatu Justicar. Due to personnel needed at the time, he was made an Archon under the aegis of the Tremere Justicar in Austria.

John Milton

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